Challenges – Swannies Arty Maths


This website is not only for super intelligent humans with an inquisitive mind and a love for Mathematics but also for those of us who enjoy a good story such as the Bra and the Soccerball…
Follow the footsteps  from Pythogoras  to de Gua to Tinseau to Plato and end up with Swannie. He makes a number of statements and creates some theorems with which you may or may not agree. 
To illustrate his theorems. Swannie builds colourful artistic models from “Post Toasties” boxes and sometimes has to rely on the Maths Fairy.
In his Arty Maths, Swannie sets a number of challenges to Mathematicians. The first challenge is to prove Swannie’s Theorems wrong – or are they perhaps valid?
…an odd sense of humour may prove to be beneficial…