Challenges – Ben 10 Echo Challenge

The Ben 10 Challenge offers spectacular views and photo opportunitiesstern Cape Highlands ccommodation Lady Grey, Accommodation Barkly East, Accommodation Rhodes Village, Accommodation New England, Accommodation Wartrail, Accommodation Sterkspruit, Accommodation Herschel, Accommodation Tiffindell

The goal of this challenge is to complete 10 high altitude gravel mountain passes within 7 days. Each mountain pass comes with it’s own challenges and difficulties. You can do it on foot or use the vehicle of your choice.  The idea is not to rush through in the shortest possible time but to enjoy the scenery and discover the hidden tourism attractions of the area.  The mountain passes included in the challenge are:

01. Ben MacDhui Pass (3001m)
02. Carlisleshoekspruit Pass (2563m)
03. Volunteershoek Pass (2581m]
04. Naudes Nek Pass (2590m]
05. Lundin’s Nek Pass (2170m)
06. Joubert’s Pass (2234m)
07. Bastervoetpad Pass (2240m]
08. TTT [Tiffindell-Tenahead Traverse] (2720m)
09. Otto du Plessis Pass (2115m)
10. Barkly Pass (2018m)

Rural Tours can assist by planning your route, arranging interesting stopovers  on route and taking care of  accommodation arrangements. We also monitor your progess  to ensure you reach your destination and arrange for assistance in case you run into trouble. 

Follow the Ben 10 Echo Challenge link for more specific information about the challenge.