Time Travel – Farmers who built Joubert’s Pass

The stone deteriorated and was replaced. The original is at the DR Church Museum in town.
Members of only three families,  Joubert,  Stephenson  and  Cloete made the wagon road over the mountain between Lady Grey and the farms  situated  in the New  England  portion of the Lady Grey sub-district.
The  stone  tablet  on the top of  the  pass  credits  the people who made Joubert’s Pass.  They  are  the   Jouberts,  Gideon Sr. and his  sons  Daniel Francois (Danie), Christiaan de Wet (Chris),  Gideon Jr. (Giel)   and   Johannes    Marthinus     (Martiens).   The others were  George  Friedrich  Stephenson   and  Cornelius Willem  Cloete.   The  initials at the bottom  are those  of Moos  Pieterse, who also carved many of the headstones found in the old cemetery in Lady Grey.

More about the farmer-pass builders:

 CLOETE Cornelius Willem (Zoontjie) (6 May 1857 – 11 July 1930  (73 years)