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Passion Play

Lady Grey Passion Play Background
The Lady Grey Arts Academy and Dutch Reformed Church of Lady Grey identified a need to restore Easter and in particualr the Easter Weekend, back to its original meaning. This weekend has, over time, lost its true purpose and charcter and became just another “long holiday weekend”.
In order to suceed in this effort, the Christian community of Lady Grey as a whole had to become involved on a vuluntary basis, creating a three day period on the annual calendar during which the hustle of evereyday life could come to a standstill and the events of Easter could be relived in the true spirit of devotion. This event not only benefits the community of Lady Grey, but visitors from all over South Africa with similar aspirations for Easter, can come together and share in person and in spirit the true meaning of Easter, whilst experiencing the talent and beauty of the atmospheric town of Lady Grey.
The Lady Grey Passopn Play includes a cast of more than 130 speaking characters as well as a chorus, choir, troupe of dancers and live visual artists. The dramatic text, writtem by staff of the Lady Grey Arts Academy, was adapeted by Johan Hattingh, Head of Dramatic Arts at the Academy for this Lady Grey community project. It incorporates music, dance, drama and visual art to create a breathtaking work to be performed in various venues and at different locales in and around the atmospheric town This is not just a work to be watched, but invites active participation from the spectators. Audience members are invited to dress in period costume and eat the foods of the time.

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Wild Trout Festival – 2020


Wild Trout Festival Entry Form 2019

Travel and tour to the Eastern Cape Highlands and take part in the exciting events and challenges that take place in the area. It includes sports events, family events, challenges, fun events, celebration and much more in Barkly East, Bosjeslaagte, Rhodes Village, Herschel, Sterkspruit, Rossouw, Tiffindell, Mosheshesford, Floukraal, New England, Wartrail and Lady Grey.