Rock Art – Tracking the San (Bushman)

Rock-Art sites are highly sensitive, protected heritage areas and they are mostly on private property.  You will therefore not find directions to these sites and cannot visit on the spur of the moment. All visits must be prearranged and are strictly controlled and guided to prevent damage.
Rural Tours makes it possible for you to visit these sites.
Get to know and understand more about the San (Bushman) of the Eastern Cape Highlands.  We guide you through history and give you a peek into the culture of the oldest known human inhabitants of this area. 
Our packages are flexible and could be fully inclusive of a Guided Tour, Accommodation and Meals or semi-guided where only the Rock-Art site itself is guided and not the route. 
The duration of the tour depends on what you would like to see and experience.  A family on route may want to make a detour to put some excitement into the travelling experience while a serious researcher could spend a couple of days visiting various sites and a family or group may prefer a more general overview of the  San, their way of living and Traditions, with or without related group activities.
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All Rock-Art visits must be booked in advance to allow for the necessary arrangements to be made.

Duration:  1 Hour per site
This tour is planned to fit in with your holiday plans and general direction of travel through the Eastern Cape Highlands.
It is semi-guided and you need to provide your own transport.
We do our best to tailor-make your tour according to your and your vehicle’s abilities and enable you to visit Rock Art sites that are close to the road on route to your destination.
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Duration: 1 Day
Starts and ends in Lady Grey
Guided or semi-guided. Transport provided or own transport.
Visit some of the best Rock Art Sites in the area.  The tour is tailor-made to suit your abilities and requirements.
Size of the group: Min 2 & Max 20
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Duration: 3 Days
Starts and ends in Lady Grey
Fully supervised and Guided with San related activities included:
  • Understanding their Traditions
  • Drawing and Interpreting Rock-Art
  • Viewing of various Rock-Art Sites
  • Making and using a bow and arrow
  • Survival Skills
  • Edible Plants
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Camp Fire
  • Enacting the dance/movements of the San
This is a fun filled adventure for a group of teenagers or adults engaging in team-building. 
Size of the group: Min 8 & Max 16
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