Rock Art – Request a Quote


Please note that all bookings must be made at least 3 weeks in advance.  

Tour Requirements

How many days do you want to be on tour? The duration of each tour is 1 day.
How many bikes will be taking part in the tour?
Please indicate if there are specific tours you would like to do or if we should decide for you (Any Tours). The duration of all of the above tours are 1 day and they all start and end in Lady Grey.

Accommodation Requirements

Date of Arrival in Lady Grey. This will be the date before the Adventure Tour starts. There will be a briefing session on the evening.
Date of Departure from Lady Grey. This will be the day after the last day of the Adventure Bike Tour.
Total number of people requiring accommodation. This includes people who may be staying behind while the bikes are on tour during the day.
Please indicate the preferred type of accommodation required.

Meal Requirements

All meals are included in the tour.
Please indicate of any of the participants have special dietary requirements (Vegetarian etc.)

For Meal Details see "Meals while on Adventure" below.

General Comments or Messages

Please indicate if there is something we need to know or provide for which is out of the ordinary.


To see what is offered in terms of meals, see Meals while on Adventure.

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