Rock Art – Meals while Tracking the San

Day of Arrival
Most people snack on route so they are usually not very hungry. We therefore serve a Light Meal during the Briefing Session. It includes a Soft Drink, Coffee and Tea.  
Day on Adventure
For each day of the adventure, breakfast will be served at the place of accommodation or the place of departure.  This will be indicated to you.
Non-alcoholic drinks and water will be available during the day.
A light meal or  picnic will be served at lunch.
Dinner will be a substantial meal including fresh Bread, Meats, Vegetables and Dessert with a Soft drink, Coffee and Tea.  
If the adventure includes the identification of edible plants or catching of fish, this may me included in the meal.
Alcoholic Beverages in the form of a Cash Bar will be available at the venue where Dinner is served. The exception is when the adventure includes sleeping in a remote area where liquor is not readily available. Cash Bar facilities will strictly close at 22:30 with last rounds at 21:30.  
We do not allow anybody who is intoxicated or drugged to be part  of any adventure.  Monies paid will not be refunded.