Adventures – 4X4 Trails

The 8 Passes Challenge consists of the following mountain passes being travelled by 4×4 vehicle

NAUDE’S NEK The highest mountain pass in South Africa.

JOUBERT’S PASS The third highest mountain pass in South Africa.

VOLUNTEERSHOEK Up to Tiffindell Ski Resort and the highest point in the Cape.

CARLISLESHOEK …And down the other side to the historical Rhodes Village.

LUNDEAN’S NEK A scenic route to the Lesotho border post at Telebridge.

BASTERVOETPAD Challenging driving and incredible views of the valleys below.

BARKLY PASS The only tarred pass – but the views are worth it!

OTTO DU PLESSIS A wild and unspoiled pass with excellent birding

Extract of an article from the Drive Out magazine on the 8 Passes Challenge

Southern Drakensberg | The Tail of the Dragon

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