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Rural Tours is all about opening gates, doors and hearts to the hidden tourism gems of the Eastern Cape Highlands. 
The Eastern Cape Highlands (Aliwal North, Barkly East, Bossies Laagte, Clanville, Dordrecht, Herschel, Floukraal, Lady Grey, Moshesh’s Ford, New England, Rhodes, Rossouw, Sterkspruit, Tiffindell and Wartrail)  has a Treasure Chest of Tourism Attractions that are unknown to the Tourist.  There are various reasons:
  • We are off the beaten track and the small number of visitors do not warrant the development of these into full blown organised tourism attractions with a compliment of staff and guides.
  • Many of our tourism gems are on private property which are inaccessible to the Tourist. 
  • Some Tourism Attractions such as Rock Art, Fossils, Vulture sites etc. are sensitive and need to be protected from villains.  For this reason we cannot put up signage or directions to these sites.
At Rural Tours we open these tourism attractions in a controlled manner by arranging in advance and making it worthwhile for the farmer/guide to be there and accompany the tourist to the attractions.  
Some tourists expect these services to be free of charge but unfortunately time is also money for the organiser, the farmer and the guide and that is why we pay them and make it worthwhile for them to spend time with tourists and make is a most enjoyable experience.
See what we offer and experience a great adventure and the hospitality of the people of the Eastern Cape Highlands.
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